Getting nervous before the Premiere!

Only two weeks to go before the premiere of North of Blue at the Hollywood Theatre. Having never done a feature before, I am pretty nervous about this screening, but very happy to be working with the kind folks at the Hollywood Theatre. I had a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) made in Los Angeles for this show and am still not exactly sure what will be arriving by Fed Ex tomorrow.

Quad,North-of-BlueThe slide show for the screening is almost done. Looking at all of my images from a month in Dawson City, Yukon as filmmaker-in-residence at the Klondike institute of Art and Culture has been a lovely treat. That trip was one of the great experiences of my lifetime. I look forward to returning to Dawson to show the film and visit Laurie and Dan Sokolowski and all the wonderful friends I made there. Shout out to Veronica Verkley,  John Steins and Karen Dubois. 

Dempster Highway Splendor.
Dempster Highway splendor. © 2017 Joanna Priestley

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