“North of Blue” is pure creativity. It shows that the ingenuity of the imagination has no limits.” -Xcèntric Center of Art and Culture, Barcelona, Spain

North of Blue screenings coming up: We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival in Baker City, Oregon (August 18), Fantoche International Animation Festival in Baden, Switzerland (Sept. 12), IndieCork Film Festival in Cork, Ireland (Oct. 11), Taichung International Animation Festival in Taichung City, Taiwan (Oct. 15) and the Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival in Baltimore, MD (Oct. 19). North of Blue also contains sweaty balls!

I am delighted to report that North of Blue won Best Feature Film at the Los Angeles Animation Festival and Best Animated Film at the Yosemite International Film Festival. The fabulous soundtrack by Jamie Haggerty won the Best Sound Design Award and the Best Composer Award at the Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle. North of Blue was also a Finalist in the European International Film Festival in Saint Petersburg, Russia and a Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest.

Click to see North of Blue Trailer,
“North of Blue is a stunning symphony which speaks to the explorer in us all.” -Chris Robinson, Ottawa International Animation Festival
“An utterly absorbing abstract feature inspired by the mysterious far north Canadian winter landscapes. Bloody great cinema!”Malcolm Turner, Director, Melbourne International Animation Festival
“North of Blue is beautiful work and a delicate and sophisticated experience.” –Marcel Jean, Artistic Director, Annecy Intermational Animation Festival
“Watching this film is like making a beautiful journey to an alternative universe. It is a very well-crafted work that I really enjoyed.” -Valentin Fuentealba, El Reviewer Random, Santiago, Chile

North of Blue – Awards

  • Los Angeles Animation Festival: Best Feature Film (USA) 12-1-18
  • Yosemite International Film Festival: Best Animated Film (USA) 11-2-18
  • Local Sightings Film FestivalBest Sound Design Award and Best Composer Award, Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, USA) 9-23-18
  • European International Film Festival: Finalist (Saint Petersburg, Russia) 5-15-19
  • Los Angeles CineFest (USA) Semi-Finalist 1-19


  • Annecy Intl. Animation Festival (World Premiere, France) 6-11-18
  • Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia) 6-17-18
  • Intl. Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR (Poznan, Poland) 7-10-18
  • Palm Springs International Animation Festival (USA) 8-25-18
  • Insomnia Animation Festival (Ukhnov, Russia) 7-19-8
  • Australian International Animation Festival (Brisbane) 8-4-18
  • Pixelatl Festival (Cuernavaca, Mexico) 9-4 to 9-18
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) 9-18
  • Anim’Est Intl. Animation Festival (Bucharest, Romania) 9-28-18
  • Australian Intl. Animation Festival (Cairns, Queensland) 8-16-18
  • AnimaSyros Intl. Animation Festival (Athens, Greece) 9-28-18
  • ANIMAGE Intl. Animation Festival (Pernambuco, Brasil) 10-12-18
  • SPARK Animation 2018 (Vancouver, Canada) 10-18-18
  • ReAnimania Intl. Animation Festival (Yerevan, Armenia) 10-31-18
  • Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival (Portland, OR, USA) 11-4-18
  • Animae Caribe (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) 11-23-18
  • Moscow Animation Marathon Solyanka State Gallery (Moscow, Russia) 11-1 to 5-18
  • Mostra Internacional Films des Donas de Barcelona (Spain) 12-10-18
  • VOID Intl. Animation Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark) 1-30-19
  • Xcèntric Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (Spain) 4-4-19
  • Buenos Aires International Indie Film Festival (Argentina) 4-3 to 14-19
  • Chilemonos Intl. Animation Festival (Santiago, Chile) 5-6 to 10-19
  • FILMNORTH Northern BC Film Festival (Houston, BC, Canada) 7-27-19
  • We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival (Baker City, OR) 8-18-19
  • Fantoche International Animation Festival (Baden, Switzerland) 9-19
  • IndieCork Film Festival (Cork, Ireland) 10-6 to 13-19
  • Taichung International Animation Festival (Taichung, Taiwan) 10-15-19
  • Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival (Baltimore, MD, USA) 10-19-19

“Inspired by the chilling and mysterious winter landscapes of the Yukon, North of Blue is a mesmerizing non-narrative exploration giving form to the formless and offering shifting focal points and patterns that explore tensions between the recognizable and the strange. Bursting with lively colours and dynamic shapes, North of Blue is abstract art come to life. Conventional silhouettes are deconstructed, stripping away meanings and associations to free the mind for a wildly subjective visit to the north. A dreamlike façade, North of Blue is a stunning symphony which speaks to the explorer in us all.” -Chris Robinson, Ottawa International Animation Festival

Jamie Haggerty composed the music and created the sound design with additional sound effects by Chris Barber. Paint effects, compositing and title design and animation by Brian Kinkley. Assistant animators: Neisje Morrell and Don Flores. Animation assistants: Rachel Bradley, Jesse Bray, Dui Oray and Gabe Mangold.


North of Blue Screenings

  • Stuttgart International Animation Festival (work-in-progress, Germany) 5-3-17
  • Hollywood Theatre (Portland, OR) 9-21-17
  • Frame by Frame Conference, DePaul University (Chicago, IL) 5-25-18
  • Cinémathèque québécoise (Montréal, Canada) 10-2-18
  • Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City, Mexico) 4-10-19
  • Cineteca nacional (Mexico City, Mexico) 4-16-19
  • Santo Tomas University (Santiago, Chile) 5-12-19