Click to see North of Blue Trailer by Brian Kinkley
“Bloody great cinema!”Malcolm Turner, Director, Melbourne International Animation Festival
“A quiet, delicate and sophisticated experience.”Marcel Jean, Artistic Director, Annecy Intermational Animation Festival
“Endlessly interesting, North of Blue is fascinating to watch.”-Dana Alston, Willamette Week
“Showcasing what animation can really do when it’s cut loose in the longer form.”Malcolm Turner, Director, Melbourne International Animation Festival

North of Blue Festival Screenings

  • Annecy Intl. Animation Festival (World Premiere, France) 6-11-18
  • Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia) 6-17-18
  • Intl. Animated Film Festival ANIMATOR (Poznan, Poland) 7-10-18
  • Palm Springs International Animation Festival (USA) 8-25-18
  • Insomnia Animation Festival (Russia) 7-19-8
  • Australian International Animation Festival (Brisbane) 8-4-18
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) 9-18
  • Pixelatl Festival (Cuernavaca, Mexico) 9-6-18
  • Los Angeles CineFest (USA) Semi-finalist

North of Blue is an abstract animated feature film that began in the mysterious winter landscape of the far north, where director Joanna Priestley was a fellow at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture in Dawson City, Yukon. The film grew into an exploration of the non-objective idiom that that plays with shifting focal points, suspension and tension of two dimensional patterning and trance. Priestley’s creative priorities included creating a foundation grounded in the landscape of the far north, infusing intersecting lines and shapes with vitality and finding shapes that sparked a sense of connectedness.

Jamie Haggerty composed the music and created the sound design with additional sound effects by Chris Barber. Paint effects, compositing and title design and animation by Brian Kinkley. Assistant animators: Neisje Morrell and Don Flores. Animation assistants: Rachel Bradley, Jesse Bray, Dui Oray and Gabe Mangold.